5 Breakfast Mistakes that Cause Weight Gain

We all know breakfast is essential, but what we don’t know about the breakfast could pack on the pounds! Juices You may be thinking that gulping down a glass of fruit juice is a good way to start the day, but the majority of store bought varieties are full of sugar. A much better idea […]

Top 10 Natural Appetite Suppressants

Eat these foods to stay full eating fewer calories! Almonds Just a handful of almonds is a good way to get antioxidants like vitamin E and the mineral magnesium. Almonds increase feelings of fullness and help with weight loss, as outlined by a study presented by the Purdue university [1] Flaxseeds Ground or whole, flaxseeds […]

Mediterranean Diet May Improve Bone Health

A recently conducted study, the results of which have been published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, suggests that the olive oil-rich Mediterranean diet may produce even more health benefits than were previously suspected. Much has been written regarding the various health aspects of the Mediterranean diet and it has gained in popularity […]

The Only Word You’ll Need for Breakfast is “Whole”

Breakfast cereals are not all created equal. To find the most nutritionally complete cereal, you need to become an ingredient list expert. The most beneficial word found on a cereal label is “whole.” You are specifically looking for the term “whole grain.” All other expressions like multigrain, bran, even 100% wheat are misleading because while […]

How to Make a Healthy Mediterranean Style Sandwich?

Mediterranean sandwiches, culled from any of our favorite culinary cultures in the region, can mean many things. Some feature a truly stunning list of specific ingredients, and still others fall afoul of reason when it comes to fat content and carbohydrate load.

Eating On a Budget Means Adventure not Deprivation

Out of all the items people and families spend money on, food is the most essential. But with the cost of many foods rising, it can be tough for those on a budget to prepare healthy and delicious meals. Getting organized, being creative and learning about what foods are in season are some great ways […]

11 Smart Swaps to Keep Your Wallet and Body Healthy

Grocers and food manufacturers have long since figured out that people will pay a premium for “health foods.” However, eating healthy does not have to be expensive. With a few smart swaps, you can slip through the corporate cracks and come up with your wallet and your health both intact. Below are 11 Smart Swaps […]

Anti Yeast Mediterranean Diet Menu

Candida is a type of yeast that frequently uses the human body as a host. When inside the body, Candida will quickly spread and cause a wide range of unpleasant symptoms. These symptoms commonly include: digestive problems, migraines, fatigue, acne, mood swings, coughing, muscle weakness, and chronic pain, among many other problems. Many times, patients […]

Junk Food Feduces the IQ of Children

A new British study stated that eating too many sweets and French fries cause detrimental effects on mental capacity London – Children who are fed regularly with ‘junk food ‘ risk of suffering permanent damage to their mental capacity. As is apparent from a study conducted by the University of Bristol and published today by […]

30 Days Diet Menu Planning Ideas

The Mediterranean Diet is not only one of the healthiest diets; it is one of the easiest diets to follow. Based on the cuisine from the Mediterranean region, this diet consists mainly of fish along with lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Less high-fat meats and lower-fat plant proteins are widely consumed. The […]