Drink Red Wine to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Red wine is good for your heart

After realizing my first food chart, I’ve decided to write something more about the most important foods of the Mediterranean diet and their effects on health. Wine is one of the main foods of the Mediterranean diet. Everybody know its effects and benefits on health. Today I’ve read an interesting news about the healthy effects of red wine reducing heart diseases.

After a little explanation of why red wine helps your heart, you can read a list of resources about preventing heart diseases with examples of recipes, meals and links to find out more info.

Positive effects of red wine to reduce heart disorders

Some french researches found that polyphenols play a beneficial role for those with diseased hearts and circulatory systems by facilitating blood vessel growth. The quantity of polyphenols necessary to obtain these effects are the equivalent of 1 glass of wine a day. Polyphenols are found in the skin and around the pips of red grapes. White wine, however, contains no polyphenols.

Not every red wine has the same amount of polyphenols, it depends on what type of grape it is made of. Only red wines using Tannat (A red wine grape grown in southern France) or Malbec (A black grape variety grown in the Loire Valley and Cahors in France) grapes usually contain the biggest doses. The wine with the highest polyphenol levels is Madiran, a wine prodiced in the Hautes-Pyrénées in France. Other to polyphenols, red wine contains Flavonoids, other useful elements that may reduce some of the early signs of heart disease.