How to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight Naturally

At it’s most basic, weight loss is all about burning more energy than you need. That seems to be not so hard, but if it were so easy, no one would have a problem. While your metabolism is linked to body weight, it might not be the way you want. Unlike common belief, a slow rate of metabolism isn’t the leading cause of excessive fat gain. While your metabolic rate affects your basic energy needs, it is what, and how you eat as well as your physical activity that affect your weight.

It can be tempting to blame your metabolic rate for that extra weight, but metabolism is a natural process and, in the end, it’s your body that decides how to balance it to meet your energy needs. That’s why most people following the “so-called” starvation diet programs (Low Carbs, Low Calorie, and so on…), have a reduced metabolism. Only in exceptional circumstances you’ll get substantial fat gain from a condition that slows down your metabolism, for example, the Cushing’s syndrome or through an under active thyroid (hypothyroidism).

Unfortunately, eating excess calories causes weight gain. To lose weight naturally, then, you should create an energy loss by consuming fewer calories or increasing the calories you burn via physical exercise, or both.

“At the age of 51 I found myself overweight and needing to lose around 21lbs. I had tried the South Beach Diet but found it too restrictive.

I found the Mediterranean diet website and found it really interesting; The food plans are really easy to follow. I have very rarely felt hungry and sometimes have a double take on what I have to eat some days as it looks too much but its correct.

I feel good and my clothes feel much better on me, (not bulging at the seams) I am enjoying the variety of healthy foods on the plan which includes fish, pasta, bread, fruit, vegetables, cheeses and lots of olive oil.

This is a diet I could definitely stick to as I want to eat healthy, maintain my weight and make this a way of eating for the rest of my life. I have no reservations about recommending this way of eating to anyone. “

Mary Thomson (*)

This is just one of the stories from our readers that shows how they lost weight safely and effortlessly with the Mediterranean diet. Don’t trust people offering you “miracle” weight loss supplements, super foods and so on. …all you need is listed below. ..let’s discover it!

Set Your Target Goal

Healthy eating takes a real, long term commitment. The more regular your dietary habits are than the higher the chances of maintaining a healthy weight.

Don’t be stressed by calorie counting or complicated calculations like the BMI (Body Mass Index). Even though we could easily reduce our calorie consumption, it’s body that ultimately decides how many calories to use and what to do with this extra energy. Consequently limiting our calorie consumption could have a short-term impact on the body weight.

Body mass index isn’t a safe way of diagnosing over weight or obesity. It’s because body weight is not a definitive way of measuring your risk. It’s having a high percentage of extra fat that makes someone over weight. For example, a “big boned” person may weigh more, but that obviously does not mean he has more fat.

The body mass index also tells you precisely nothing about where the extra fat is located in the body. When it comes to measuring health risks, in particular cardiovascular problem, it’s fat location (especially if it’s around your belly) that is much more effective than the overall amount of body fat.

Don’t eliminate the foods you love. It is a recipe for disaster and could cause distress, as well as vitamin and mineral imbalances.

Keep a Food Diary

Have a food diary and write the foods you eat daily. Include serving sizes, cooking methods as well as your hunger levels. Determine those “extra” foods you eat each day and try to remove or replace them with a healthier alternative. You can download our free food diary here.

Identify Your Mistakes

Probably the most common mistake people make is to be enthusiastic and / or impatient with their weight loss plan. They may reduce their calories too much and the body could respond by reducing metabolism and slowing down weight loss. To avoid this, make smaller changes to your diet plan. Your patience could probably pay off in terms of constant fat loss, more vitality, and fewer food cravings.

Counting calories excessively is another mistake. It’s your body that ultimately decides how many calories to use and what to do with them. Weighting every day or several times a day has little value because your body weight may vary. On a weight loss diet, you could even gain weight (or keep it) but still lose some fat (e.g. You’ve built muscle mass with exercise).

Other common mistakes are eating on large plates and bowls, making too large portions, overeating red meat, chicken skin, snacks, refined carbs or sugar.

Eliminate All The ‘Bad’ Foods You Have Found

Stay away from calorically packed foods (e.g. Processed foods) and select vegetables and fruit. Their higher water and dietary fiber content have fewer calories than processed foods. You should stop drinking sodas. You should reduce or stop alcohol consumption. You’ll need to reduce salt & sugar consumption. Read food labels and avoid anything that has sugar as its primary source of carbohydrates or has corn syrup and hydrogenated fats as ingredients. Don’t be fooled by the words “Multi grain” “Low-fat” or “Fat free” because they are just elegant words to describe refined carbohydrates or added sugars and calories.

List of Foods You Should Not Eat


Learn How to Control Portions

Have a delicious breakfast, people who regularly skip the breakfast meal are 4.5 times more likely to become over weight compared to those who eat breakfast. Keep the lunch simple and make dinner the smallest meal of the day. Fill 50 % of your plate with fresh veggies and fruits and reserve the other quarters for a portion of healthy carbs and lean proteins.

Lightly Exercise

You’ll need to integrate “Fast Walking” to your weight loss program to speed up the fat burning. Not only is fast walking healthier and much easier on the hips, it also produces a higher percentage of fat reduction compared to running.

Closing Toughs

Everyone is different – metabolically, mentally, and circumstantially. That is why, there’s no single diet program that is effective for all. Each person should get what works best for him- or herself. There are basic rules of healthy eating that apply universally. Understanding these rules is essential to finding the perfect plan for you.


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  5. @Michael,

    Maybe we should put popcorn on the “moderate consumption” list. Corn is usually thought of as a vegetable, but it is probably more accurately categorized as a grain. It has a “borderline” glicemic index of 54 (Not so good, meaning it breaks down rapidly).

    @Lezlee the traditional Mediterranean diet is very low in beef and milk/dairy consumption: Tinned means: “Preserved in a sealed airtight container made of tinplate or aluminum”. Feel free to print it and share :-)

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