The 6 Worst Snacks for Your Body

A nutrient-rich snack will help keep cravings under control and up the nutritional value of your diet. The most popular snacks (even those that seem healthy) are stuffed with sodium, sugar, extra calories, and in some cases dangerous chemicals. Potato Chips Potato chips have added fat, calories, and salt, they have a high glycemic index, […]

How to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Without Storing Excess Fat

Is there anything sweet that you can eat except fruit? Of course, yes! A lot of us love sweets, but there are a lot of ways to satisfy our sweet tooth with out going overboard. It’s Not Just About Weight Loss Scientific studies on women found sugar containing foods and drinks, to be a risk […]

List of Slow Digesting Carbs

When people eat, probably do not take into account the impact the speed of digestion has on our health. You can find 2 types of carbs : complex and simple. Flavor (or intensity of sweetness) is not the basis of the distinction between complex and simple carbs. Even though the foundation of most carbs is […]

Do Carbohydrates Really Make You Fat?

Carbohydrates can be found in grains, fruits and vegetables. Our bodies need carbohydrates because they are an important source of energy; however, it is essential to obtain them from healthy sources. Bad carbohydrates mainly come from refined sugar and flour which can be found in soft drinks, white bread, pastries, cookies, potato chips and packaged […]

Is Your Routine Diabetes Proof ?

Making these tiny tweaks to your daily lifestyle may help you prevent the onset of Diabetes type 2…it’s expected that by 2050 1 in 3 Americans will be diabetic… Here are three ways to beat diabetes. Flex your muscles Strength training is an important part of helping control your diabetes. While aerobic exercise is important, […]

The Only Word You’ll Need for Breakfast is “Whole”

Breakfast cereals are not all created equal. To find the most nutritionally complete cereal, you need to become an ingredient list expert. The most beneficial word found on a cereal label is “whole.” You are specifically looking for the term “whole grain.” All other expressions like multigrain, bran, even 100% wheat are misleading because while […]

What Can I Do to Lower My Glycemic Index ?

Why is it better to eat a diet with a low glycemic index? How can I lower my glycemic index? The glycemic index is used as an indicator of a particular food’s effect on the body’s glucose, or blood sugar level. Research has shown that high glycemic index foods tend to increase glucose levels. Also, […]