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Lyn Morris – Bakersfield, California (*) Grab The Mediterranean Diet Secrets Today
The Mediterranean diet is not a crash diet, it’s a mix of the culinary traditions of the countries surrounded by the Mediterranean sea. UNESCO recognized this diet pattern as an intangible cultural heritage of Italy, Greece, Spain and Morocco. It’s generally accepted that people living in the Mediterranean countries live longer and don’t suffer many Western problems. Their secret is a diet low in red meat, refined carbs and saturated fat and high in nutritious foods. It’s Very Easy to Follow
A team of health experts from the journal “U.S. News” ranked the Mediterranean diet among the TOP 10 “livable” diets [1]. A lot of researches have demonstrated that the Mediterranean diet is also ideal to boost heart health and prevent many health issues [2]. New studies appear regularly on leading scientific journals, supporting the healthfulness of the Mediterranean Diet.
authors Meet The Authors
Enrico and Valerie Forte are the authors of the “Mediterranean Diet eBook“. Enrico is a AFPA (NJ, US) certified nutrition and wellness consultant and an internationally renowned nutrition educator and culinary professional. Valerie (his wife) is the recipes creator and cookbook author.

We are nutrition educators, public speakers and friends of the Alliance for Natural Health USA. We’re Italians, and the same principles in the book have worked for our families for centuries. This is the Mediterranean based dietary lifestyle after all! It can work for you too.

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