Keep Your Pantry Stocked with These 3 Antioxidant Rich Superfoods

You need to eat healthy but it costs a lot of. Veggies, fruits, and whole meals generally are expensive and whenever you are attempting to nourish your family on the cheap, selecting nutrient dense eats without draining your budget may appear like an impossible assignment. But that’s not really the case. Actually, many of the […]

The Importance of Fiber

Help Prevent Colon Cancer Fiber is an important aspect in our daily lives for our health. Studies have shown that a high-fiber diet can reduce the risks of disease and other conditions that affect our health and longevity, such as several types of cancers, diverticulosis, varicose veins and hemorrhoids [Reference]. In fact, scientists believe that […]

2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil A Day Keep the Doctors Away

People have long known of the heart healthy fats found in olive oil, but a new study published in the journal of Neurology says that there is a link between olive oil consumption and a lower risk of strokes in people over 65. Of the 7,625 French participants, in different cities, researchers found that those […]

What is Hypertensive Cardio Vascular Problem ?

Hypertensive Cardiovascular problem is a medical term for enlargement of the heart, heart failure and coronary artery problem that results from high blood pressure. What Causes Hypertensive Cardiovascular problem? High blood pressure is the major contributor to hypertensive cardiovascular problem. When blood pressure increases, it places pressure on blood vessels. This causes the heart to […]

Chocolate: More Antioxidants Than Fruit to Give Many Benefits

Sweet and winning. Chocolate and cocoa have more antioxidants than fruits, as they offer higher doses of polyphenols and flavanoids. The list was created by a search for the Hershey Center for Nutrition & Health, directed by Dr. Debra Miller and published in the Chemistry Central Journal. Dr. Miller and his colleagues have selected cocoa […]

The Lancet: Here is the map of the World’s big killers

In just thirty years obesity rates have doubled in the world while have been observed decreased levels of blood pressure and total cholesterol. These are the results of three large studies published in the Lancet in recent days and created by an international team of researchers coordinated by the ‘Imperial College London and the Harvard […]

The Nitrate Content of Spinach Increases the Energy Efficiency of Our Body

For half a century, the inorganic nitrate was associated with adverse health effects, but more recently have started to get evidence to show otherwise. In 1990, a research group at Karolinska Institutet has shown that the body can convert nitrate to NO (nitric oxide), a molecule involved in many important body functions such as regulating […]

What is 150 on Blood Pressure Monitor ?

This depends on where the 150 is on your blood pressure reading, and understanding what the numbers mean takes a basic understanding of a blood pressure readout. Blood pressure is the pressure the blood places on the walls of blood vessels, and it depends on a person’s heartbeat, blood, artery walls and overall health of […]

How to Lower my Blood Pressure Quickly ?

High blood pressure is a health concern for many and there are times when we want to quickly lower it. But, how can this be accomplished? What Are the Best Ways to Lower Blood Pressure? One of the best ways to lower blood pressure is to lose some weight. The most effective way to do […]

What is the Normal Blood Pressure for Humans ?

The simple answer to this question is a systolic of 120 and a diastolic of 80, as these numbers are considered optimal. However, many factors go into determining what is considered normal, and one blood pressure reading should not be considered definitive. It is important to take many readings using different monitors to get a […]