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Enrico Forte and his wife Valerie are the authors of the Mediterranean diet ebook“.  Enrico Forte, Bestselling Author, certified nutrition and wellness consultant by the AFPA in New Jersey USA (, is an internationally renowned nutrition educator and culinary professional with an MBA master degree.

Valerie (his wife) is the recipes creator and cookbook author. We are nutrition educators, public speakers and friends of the Alliance for Natural Health USA. We live in Catania, Italy with our family.

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  1. Thank you Tonia,

    this blo is for everybody who wants free info about the Med diet so feel free to join us when you want.

  2. hi do you recommend the mediterranean diet book?

  3. Yes Gabriel, it’s a good book to have a clear look on the Mediterranean diet

  4. I haven’t purchased the diet book/cook book, therefore I have a question. In the free Diet Menu I received, there are several occasions to eat dried fruit. I can’t stomach dried fruit, so what can I eat in its’ place?

  5. Harriet are you intolerant or allergic?

  6. I’m making the 15-bean soup from the free Diet Menu, shouldn’t you be adding additional water after draining in order to make the soup. The only liquid ingredients being added in the receipe are the canned tomatoes and 1tsp of lemon juice…not enough to make a soup.

  7. Sure Harriet you can add water to make the soup, some times it requires only the water released by tomatoes and some times you’ll need to add water.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  8. Just found your site, love it and the menus as I am just starting on the mediterranean diet. One question please, what do you think about diet drinks? I drink maybe a couple a week. Thanks and thanks also for your site.

  9. Sandy thanks for your comment.

    Generally I don’t like diet drinks because I prefer milk shakes with fresh fruit. (My favorite is milk, honey, banana, apple and pear).

    Warm regards

  10. Is there a way to show me how much to eat on this diet. I overeat and need to control my portions

  11. Sure!!

    Join our newsletter and receive a free diet menu:
    Thank you!!

  12. I would like to start enjoying this diet and lifestyle, however, I do not like fish. What would be the alternative of having that much fish per week. Also it looks kind of expensive.

  13. I am interested in learning more about the Med. plan. It’s a very nice and informative
    But, I don’t know for sure what I am suppose to do next?

  14. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner who would love t o direct my clients towards Mediterranean Cuisine. I have always felt that this way of eating was extremely healthy and I have tried to live by it most of my life except for during my apprenticeship in Culinary school, then it became difficult. I look forward to what you have to offer. Thank you for creating this site and for sharing.

  15. I am having trouble getting to the calorie meal planner, I registered for it and confirmed subscription in my email. Can you help?

  16. @Becky

    Have you downloaded it yet?

    What’s your version of MS Excel?

    Thank you

  17. I have struggled with weight and inferfility issues (PCOS) for many years and finally feel ready to conquer this issue. I am one that needs a good outline and plan to make it work. Do you recommend any specific books to aid in weight loss that are Med-eating friendly? I have been trying this lifestyle for a while and LOVE it! Just want to focus more on the weightloss now.

  18. sharyne ray says:

    would you please mail me the diet menu so that i can have a hard copy. my printer is not performing at all and iam much excited about this diet and cant wait to start. i sincerely thank you deeply. have a wonderful christmas

    sharyne ray 504 indian forest rd, apt I1 jasper, georgia. 30143

  19. I am allergic to many foods including the following:
    Gluten, wheat, milk, tuna fish. I have to stay mostly on a rotation date to keep from building up
    another allergy. I am also on a blood thinner which limits the amount of green vegatables
    that I can eat because of the Vitamin K clotting factor. Neeedless to say, I am overweight and
    gaining gradually. I love to cook and I am exchanging gluten free flour for wheat/white flour.
    I eat brown rice, rice spaggetti, gluten free bread from Whole Foods. I try to eat a limited amount of the high carb foods. It seems all of the diet plans do not work for me. I am also
    at that difficult age of 80 where the metabolism doesn’t work. Thanks for any suggestions.

  20. Susan Macaulay says:

    I was preparing to start your recipe for 15 bean soup tonight when I noticed that there is no liquid included in the ingredients. Was this an oversight? It’s going to be awfully thick soup without any liquid.

  21. Did you know Valerie’s name is spelled Fortie (twice) in your About Us section?

  22. janice Kelly says:

    Good morning
    Mediterranean diet book where can I purchase one from?
    Can someone please email me and let me know
    Many thanks

  23. Joan Schlichter says:

    Where can I find a GOOD Mediterranean diet recipe book that has been published,
    Thank you,

  24. Pat Armachwe says:

    Where can I buy a Mediterrean cook book?

    where can I buy a mediterrnean diet book?eterr

  25. Mary L says:

    The Mediterranean Diet Book download provided here is a wonderful resource and I am so grateful for it and the emails. Thank you. In response to one who asked where they can get Mediterranean cook books, just key in Mediterranean cooking or Mediterranean diet on or and pages of books will come up to choose from.

  26. How do I figure out how many calories I need to eat to lose weight?

  27. #Joe

    You simply do not have to count calories….when you eat the right foods your body will work properly….

  28. Valerie & Enrico – Thank you both so much for the recipes I receive in my email. Now I make healthier meals that are delicious too! And my cholesterol has dropped to healthier numbers without meds! I’ve accomplished what I set out to do with your help. I can’t thank you enough. Blessings to you both.

  29. @Lyn,

    You’re welcome!

  30. Before I look at menu. Is this mediterranean diet gluten and dairy free?

  31. @Kim

    of course it’s dairy free and we’ ll provide alternative gluten free recipes.

    Once you’ve downloaded your diet menu, you’ll find the instructions on how to proceed inside it.

    thanks for being part of the community!!

  32. @Enrico. Regarding the question of whether or not the diet is “dairy free,” while one wouldn’t likely sit down and drink a glass of milk, it would be be quite common to have some yogurt or a bit of cheese at some point almost every day, wouldn’t it? On the other hand, a person who wanted to be completely dairy free could substitute something for those dairy-based staples (I know that there are delicious soy-based yogurts, for example).

  33. @Greg,

    You are on the right track, we no more recommend milk and dairy products (Most people think they are a staple of the Mediterranean diet but the truth is they were used only to flavor other foods and were only a very small percentage of calories consumed by Mediterranean people) but non dairy alternatives like soy milk, tofu, soy yogurt, almond milk etc…

    This is our view on milk and dairy:


    thanks for your cookbook suggestions. We our working on our cookbook but this is a great reading too.


  34. Hi,I have diabetes. I’m thinking about doing the Mediterranean diet,most of the items on the list I do eat. However, my problem is that I eat large amounts of food. In looking at The Best Diet Plan for Type 2 Diabetes. it looks like I could do it. I will need Recipes. Oh please I pray your cookbook will have nice pictures in it. I really need those.

  35. Enrico Valerie, thank you both for this incredible new life style. I do have a problem though, I DO NOT like fish!! I do eat shrimp or lobster. Can I eat that, if so how much and how do I prepare it.

  36. Hello Peggy and thanks for your comment :-)

    Do you have a recipe in mind?

    Thank You

  37. enrico, please tell me how i can take this lifestyle plan while being on blood thinners daily because of a mechanical valve for my aorita. i would really love to have your expert advise on this.

  38. @Jerry,

    I’ve sent you the info via mail :-)

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