Best Protein Sources to Lose Weight Naturally

Proteins are a calorie sizzler and an immune system booster. An excessive or too little amount of this stuff can put at risk your well-being.

Proteins are long chains of amino acids. Once proteins have been digested, our bodies will break them down in new building blocks of amino acids (like children’s building blocks) in order to recreate new proteins to replace those that wore out.

There are about 9 amino acids that we must get from the food that we eat. These are called “essential” amino acids because our bodies do not make them on their own. We must find foods that provide us with the right balance of amino acids.

Complete proteins contain all nine of the essential amino acids and come from animal products (e.g. Meat, dairy, fish or eggs) as well as soybeans and quinoa.

Nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, fruit and veggies lack one or more of the essential amino acids (They are called incomplete proteins). But if you combine one food from each incomplete group you can have a complete protein.

It’s important to realize that efficiency and quality of protein is not the same thing as being a healthy choice. There is consistent and convincing evidence that shows supposed “low quality” plant protein is actually the healthiest source of protein.

Because vegetables can lack certain essential amino acids, it is necessary to combine different plant proteins together in a diet that work together for the others’ deficiencies.

Best Food Combos for Complete Protein

Breakfast Ideas

A Nut Butter (Almond or Peanut) + Whole Grains (e.g. Try to make our Granola Breakfast Bars)

Whole Grains + Almond (or Soy) Milk (e.g. Try to make our Mediterranean Pancake)

Snack Ideas

Legumes Dip + Yogurt (e.g. Try to make our Carrot Hummus and have it with some whole grain crackers)

Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Nuts + Whole Grains (e.g. Make this easy Mediterranean Pasta Salad)

Whole Grains + Beans (e.g. This is a perfect lunch, the Mediterranean Style Burritos)