How to Make a Healthy Mediterranean Style Sandwich?

Mediterranean sandwiches, culled from any of our favorite culinary cultures in the region, can mean many things. Some feature a truly stunning list of specific ingredients, and still others fall afoul of reason when it comes to fat content and carbohydrate load.

But that needn’t be the case. The possibilities are endless, and many delicious recipes exist for those seeking healthy and inexpensive alternatives for lunch, dinner, and even as appetizers for a group. Each of the following can be put together simply, with ingredients anyone can pick up at a local grocer or supermarket.

Panino Mediterraneo

An Italian staple, this one is far easier to prepare than it looks, as a couple of the items can be gotten pre-made at the deli counter. But if money is a concern, grilling the eggplant at home is certainly a viable option. Tuscan bread is also quite sturdy and suits the sandwich; another simple choice is Ciabatta. Chopped egg, sardines, bell pepper, and a sauce with basil, mint, majoram, capers, olives, garlic, and olive oil round this one out. This panino is light, and yet it preserves so many traditional tastes.

Mediterranean Tuna Panini

This winner adds tuna and feta to the mix, enhancing the protein profile, and, although it’s meant to be grilled, a pan with some olive or canola oil will suffice. Another important reminder is to take a recipe as a starting point, not for an absolute. Lemon juice will offer plenty of brightness to the taste, making it totally acceptable to omit the capers. Kalamata olives are mentioned, but be aware that other black olives will likely give enough flavor to suit.

Mediterranean Turkey Pita Sandwich

This sandwich makes use of the bread common to the eastern half of the Mediterranean, pita, and as such it reflects Greek, Turkish, and Middle Eastern tastes. Cucumber, onion, and oregano are also featured, making this the lightest recipe so far in terms of taste and caloric intake; both cheese and dressing are offered by brand, but they can also be omitted or adjusted to fit an even more Spartan profile. And since oregano is the only herb mentioned, other relevant herbs from the region could be added if you wish to leave off the cheese. Try mint, basil, or even flat leaf Italian parsley to compensate.

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