What is Hypertensive Cardio Vascular Problem ?

Hypertensive Cardiovascular problem is a medical term for enlargement of the heart, heart failure and coronary artery problem that results from high blood pressure.

What Causes Hypertensive Cardiovascular problem?
High blood pressure is the major contributor to hypertensive cardiovascular problem. When blood pressure increases, it places pressure on blood vessels. This causes the heart to have to pump harder, which overtime affects the heart muscle causing it to enlarge.

High blood pressure can also cause stroke and heart problem due to the increased amount of oxygen that is needed by the heart. It also contributes to blood vessel walls thickening, which can worsen atherosclerosis, increasing the risks of stroke and heart attacks.

What Are The Complications If Not Treated?
When left untreated hypertensive cardiovascular problem can cause angina, heart attack, stroke, heart failure, arrhythmias and sudden death.

How Do I Prevent Hypertensive Cardiovascular problem?
Preventive measures can be taken to help lower the risks of developing this problem. Regular monitoring of blood pressure along with treatment if necessary is recommended as well as exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet.

Excessive alcohol consumption should be avoided as well as cigarette smoking. Maintaining proper weight is also important to reduce the risks of developing hypertensive cardiovascular problem.